At the forefront of Research and Development.

MUISUR ELEMENTOS DE ACERO Y DERIVADOS S.L. has a highly qualified team, which holds more than 40 years experience in the transformation of wires and tubes.

This professionalism is enhanced by a modern fleet of automatic and robotic machines wires encompasses a range of 0.1 to 10 mm, can extend the range of applications up to 42 mm semi-automatic processes.

Complementing direct transformations possess assisted grinding equipment digital control, which allows a very precise work in compression springs. We are also able to finish tension springs with a wide range of hooks.

The raw materials used are carbon steel, stainless steel, phosphor bronzes, and drawn copper or aluminum.

Our long tradition as a subsidiary of the aeronautical sector, automotive and rail, has allowed us to develop versatile means of production for the manufacture of springs that work in torsion, or strapping multiple geometries.

For this line of manufactured we are endowed with Twisting, shaping and eccentric presses, assisted by a team of molders of proven experience.